From the President’s Message by Anita Lawrence:

If you really want to know what is going on in the CSMFO organization, this annual report is a good place to start. It provides information about what is happening in the Chapters, the Committees and in other agencies and committees that include CSMFO appointees. These volunteers, who generously give of their time and their talent, provide the foundation that makes our organization vibrant and successful.

This past year was one of challenges and successes. Our greatest challenge was working to protect local government revenue and our greatest success was when we saw Proposition 1A receive 83% of the vote. In order to bring the issue to the ballot and get it passed, the CSMFO contributed to this worthwhile effort, as did many of its members. Many of you spent endless personal hours gathering signatures and talking to local groups about our plight. It paid off. We now have the constitutional protection we were seeking that will safeguard our local agencies well into the future. You had a part in making constitutional protection a reality and for that you should be very proud.

In addition to focusing on local government revenue protection, the CSMFO provided all of the other services it normally provides to its members throughout the year. A very successful annual conference in Long Beach was held in February; Monthly or quarterly Chapter meetings were held up and down the state bringing worthwhile information to the CSMFO members; the various committees spent hundreds of hours working on their respective projects or programs; the Coaching Program continued to reach out to members and team them up with more “seasoned” members; the MiniNews was published every month informing members of CSMFO activities; the email group was vibrant with inquiries and responses helping members in performance of their jobs; the Board of Directors met several times to discuss CSMFO business; the CSMFO leaders met to formulate future goals for the organization; and finally, an election was held to determine the next set of leaders of the organization. We also launched a new training program, Fiscal Sustainability, which is designed to help us prepare our organization to be financially viable in the future.

During the year, I thoroughly enjoyed representing you at a number of conferences in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and at GFOA in Milwaukee. I thanked you for having faith in me when I was elected to represent you and I thank you again for a gratifying year. Not only has it been an honor to be your President; it has been one of the highlights of my career as a government finance professional.

In my first President’s Message (MiniNews, March 2004), I talked about the many volunteers of our organization. Without these dedicated participants, this organization would not be what it is today. I also urged you to get involved in this organization. I still say that you will get more from your participation than you give. I know that is true for me even in this busy year serving as your President. I cannot close without thanking the Board of Directors, the Committees, the Chapters Chairs and the numerous volunteers for an exceptionally productive year. I would also like to commend our paid staff members, Frances Medema, Tawni Escudero and Adrienne Schmeling for their dedicated service to CSMFO.