University of California, Santa Barbara – Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – 1987
Certified Public Accountant – 1998

Professional Experience:

Lifeguard – Village of Stamford – 1981-1983
Disneyland – 1984
Financial Analyst – Banking – Santa Barbara and Yuba City – 1985-1996
Accountant – Smith & Newall – Yuba City – 1996-1998
Internal Auditor – Sutter Health – Sacramento – 1998-2000
Finance Director – City of Gridley – 2000-2008
Assistant City Administrator/Finance Director – City of Gridley – 2008-2009
Financial Services Manager – City of Lompoc – 2009-2010
Management Services Director – City of Lompoc – 2010-Present

CSMFO Involvement:

Member since 2000
Sacramento Valley Chapter – 2000-2009
Central Coast Chapter – 2009-Present
Coaching Program – 2000-2001 – John O’Sullivan was my coach – great experience!
“Elected” Central Coast Chapter Chair in 2013
Appointed to Employee Relations Policy Committee for the League of California Cities – 2016

Other Professional Affiliations:

Certified Public Accountant (inactive)
Alternate Commissioner – Northern California Power Agency
Member – Government Finance Offices Association
Member – California Municipal Treasurers Association
Member – California Municipal Utilities Association

Board of Directors for the Biggs-Gridley Memorial Hospital Foundation
Board of Directors of the Biggs-Gridley Memorial Hospital Joint Powers Authority
Alternate Commissioner – Transmission Agency of Northern California
Alternate Board Member – Northern California Cities Self Insurance Fund

Candidate Statement:

I’ve been in various accounting and finance positions for over 30 years with the last 17 years devoted to municipal government. My Dad was active in community organizations – giving back to the community – when I was a kid. I feel it is time I take the experience I’ve gained in government and finance positions and do what my Dad did – give back to the community – the CSMFO community.

Since I was asked to be the Chair for the Central Coast Chapter in 2013, I’ve become active in CSMFO. In participating in chapter meetings, annual conferences, conference planning events, and other CSMFO activities, I’ve become amazed at the commitment of the volunteers and professionals that make CSMFO a leader in governmental finance across the country. The health of CSMFO is measured in the values of its members and the opportunities CSMFO provides – trainings, conferences, programs, resources. The future of CSMFO is in the hands of those we introduce to the governmental finance profession. It is our responsibility to promote CSMFO to the next generation and encourage their active participation in the organization for the benefit of the members.

I see a great future for CSMFO!