Brent A. Mason

Brent A. Mason

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Accounting (1987, Magna Cum Laude)

Professional Experience:

Public Accounting – 1987 to 1991(Price Waterhouse for 3 years, Deloitte for 1 year)
City of Rialto – 1991 to 1994, Assistant Finance Director
City of Riverside – 1994 to 2016, Controller (9 yrs), Assistant Finance Director (7 yrs) and Finance Director (6 yrs)
City of San Bernardino – 2016 to present, Director of Finance

CSMFO Involvement:

Chapter Chair/Chapter Treasurer, Inland Empire Chapter (many times between 1991 and 2008)
Membership and Benefits Committee, Chair and Vice-Chair positions held (2008 to 2014)
Administration Committee, Board Liaison (2015 and 2016)
Board Member (Elected in 2015 to three year term)
Regularly participate as moderator and/or speaker at the annual conference

Other Professional Affiliations:

GFOA, Member since 1991; CAFR Reviewer for several years
CCMA, Member since 2015
Recurring speaker/panelist for various industry-related conferences/workshops

Candidate Statement:

CSMFO has an extraordinary history as the premier organization to provide government finance officers the resources and training needed to effectively serve their agencies. It has been my privilege to be part of that history for 25+ years. It is an even greater honor to be considered to lead this organization and then be able to place my name among the former mentors that have led CSMFO for 60 years!

The organization is at an important juncture. We continue to grow and provide more services to our members. Managing that growth consistent with our high expectations is a daunting task and may require doing things differently in future years. Exploring new and better ways to provide services, as well as envisioning “what else” CSMFO may need to become is a key focus of the Board and would be a primary focus of my term as President.

Maintaining our focus on developing government finance professionals for the next 60 years will be another key focus if elected President. CSMFO is led through the volunteer efforts of individuals that have a deep appreciation and commitment to the government finance industry. Their motivation comes from their belief that it is worth the time we invest to make our profession better. I have a deep respect for the effort each makes and will be a voice to share that passion and vision for government finance with upcoming professionals to prepare them to take the torch from us when eventually we leave our distinguished profession.

I am honored to be considered for CSMFO President. Given the opportunity to lead our organization, I will work diligently to advance the existing momentum within CSMFO and tackle the challenges we face as a growing organization, always seeking to make the greatest positive impact on our respective agencies.