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Message from CSMFO President Pamela Arends-King

Message from CSMFO President Pamela Arends-King

A Rewarding Experience

Are you familiar with how the CSMFO Chapters are managed? Right now, it’s done entirely through the chapter chairs—scheduling the meetings, booking the venues, managing registration, handling the books, all of it. Most chapter bank accounts are run through the agency of the chapter chair. The Board of Directors at its Strategic Planning session last year decided to review this structure and made providing some much-needed administrative assistance to chapters an action item for 2014.

I thoroughly enjoyed serving as the Orange County Chapter Chair for a few years. Managing the administrative side of the chapter—such as keeping track of lunch registrations; billing those who did not show up; taking care of the venues; and managing the funds—was time consuming. Fortunately I have an excellent assistant who helped me with this, but we both admitted that it was difficult to manage the chapter and keep up with our duties at the City. This was a concern expressed when I talked to several members regarding taking over as chapter chair for Orange County. Many members just did not have the staff or time to manage the administration of the chapter.

I was unable to use the City as the “depositor” of the chapter’s funds, so the chapter has its own bank account…but there is the issue of the tax identification number. CSMFO’s practice is that each chapter is responsible for their own funds; usually a chapter chair is able to deposit those funds with their agency in a deposit account. Not always, however, and in these instances (like mine) the bank requires the chair’s social security number used in lieu of a tax identification number. Not everyone is comfortable about using their social security number for a bank account that is not their personal account (nor should they be).

An ad hoc task force was created at the February 18, 2014 Board of Directors meeting in Palm Springs, and we held our first meeting on Monday, March 24. The members of the ad hoc committee— Drew Corbett, Margaret Moggia, Laura Nomura, Stephen Parker, Marcus Pimentel, Ernie Reyna, Terri Willoughby and myself—developed a list of administrative functions that could be handled by our management company, to support the chapters. These functions included managing chapter meeting registrations (including online registration and payment processing), and chapter accounting (including holding all chapter funds under CSMFO’s tax identification number, which would eliminate the issue with social security numbers and ensure accountability of the funds). The ad hoc task force requested Smith Moore and Associates submit a proposal for the administrative services that were requested. The recommendation of the ad hoc task force on how to move forward will then be presented to the Board.

I am really happy that CSMFO is addressing these issues to help with the governance and administration of the chapters. Our local chapter networks are an integral part of our organization, and I hope my tenure as President sees them additionally supported. I will keep you posted on what the ad hoc task force brings to the Board.