CDIAC “Municipal Market Disclosure: Applications to Pension Disclosure”

CDIAC “Municipal Market Disclosure: Applications to Pension Disclosure”

May 3, 2012

Ziggurat Building
707 Third Street
West Sacramento, California

Efforts to improve transparency related to municipal securities have stimulated debate concerning the content and timing of disclosures. This seminar, focusing on public pension disclosure, seeks to further that discussion by considering the primary and secondary disclosure practices maintained by state and local agencies. As reporting standards change, public officials need to understand the difference between what is required and what might be interpreted as best practices. The seminar seeks to assist local government officials and other market professionals to improve their understanding of the policy and regulatory environment surrounding municipal disclosure and how that environment may change in the future. This seminar will include panel sessions covering:

  • Current Concerns in the Municipal Market
  • Overview of SEC Regulations and The Disclosure Process
  • Pension Mechanics and Math
  • Pension Disclosure Practices and Issues
  • Pension Disclosure Reporting Standards
  • Roundtable Discussions

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