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Survey Archive: Accounting/Financial Reporting

Collection Agencies

What collection agency do you currently use for business licensing and/or other collection accounts? Download: Collection Agencies Survey, City of San Leandro Accounting Manger Salary Survey, City of La Palma

Survey Results: Financial Advisor

Download: FA Survey 8-14-14-2 City of Huntington Beach – Financial Advisor RFP-9202012 City of Morgan Hill RFP for Financial Advisor City of Poway RFP 15-004 Financial Advisory Services City of Rohnert Park RFP_Financial Advisor City of San Luis Obispo – RFP for Financial Advisor 1997 City of Santa Maria – Financial Advisor RFP 11-10-7 City…

Survey Results: Participating Agencies – Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

Download: Council Agenda Report – Purchasing Guidelines 6B 4-15-03 Survey Responses Council Agenda Report JOC-ABP 6A 4-15-03

Survey Results: Financial Forecast Models

Download: 5 year FF 5-31-2014 – SLO 2014-15 Five Year GF Projection-Simi Valley 2014-2019 5 Year Forecast-Fresno MFCD (1) 2014-2019 5 Year Forecast-Fresno MFCD (2) Combined Working Copy GF Revenue and MFP Summary 2013 ADOPTED-Mission Viejo Forecast-Rincon del Diablo Water Dist General Fund 5Yr Fcst – CSMFO – Lincoln GF Projected Trend Analysis FY 14_15…

Survey Results: Arbitrage Rebate Analysis Firms

Download: Arbitrage Rebate Analysis Firms

Survey Results: Former RDA Loan Repayment Staff Report, Resolution and Calculator

Download: Item 3 REPAYMENT SCHEDULE Item 3 AR Loan Agreement Item 3 Loan Agreement Resolution Item 3 Loan Agreement OB Report (Complete) – Amended & Restated Cooperation Agreement Per AB 1484 Advance repmt_Staff report Norwalk – OB staff report re re-establishment of 1985 OA3 Loan Norwalk – OB reso re re-establishment of 1985 OA3 Loan…

Survey Results: Encumbrances and Appropriation Carry-Overs

Download: FD – Res #6473 – Budget FY 2014-2015 (item K) Appropriation and Encumbrance Survey Results 6-13-14

Survey Results: Cost for Banking Services / RFP Required?

Download: FINAL SMC Bank Fee comparisons 2013-14 Banking RFP Survey 052014

Survey Results: General Fund contributions to tourism

Download: GF support for Chamber Tourism 04-2014

Survey Results: General Fund Reserves

Download: Ceres General Fund Reserve Percentages 2014