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Survey Archive: Fees

Survey Results: Storm Drain costs included in Sewer Fund

Download: storm water in sewer fund 3-24-14

Survey Results: Acceptance of Credit Cards

Download: Visa and MC Convenience Fee Rules July, 2008 Visa Govt and Higher Ed Payment Program overview AmexConvenienceFeePolicy2008FINAL BBK Credit Card Acceptance write-up

Survey Results: Utility Billing Software RFP

Download: RFP-City of Tracy ERP Software RFP City of Sonoma Vallecitos Water District erp_rfp Utility Billing RFP Survey Results City of Chino Hills Utility Billing Software RFP Poway Utility Billing RFP 2012

Survey Results: SB90 State Mandated Cost Reimbursement Survey (Town of Moraga)

Download: SB90 State Mandated Costs Results

Survey Results: Credit Card Fees (Montecito Water District)

Download: Credit Card Fees

Survey Results: Wastewater Billing Survey Results (City of Thousand Oaks)

Download: Wastewater Billing Survey CSMFO CMRTA

Survey Results: Board Legal Invoice Approval? (Central Basin)

Download: Legal Invoice Approval & Cost Control Survey

Survey Results: Samples of Mitigation Fee Act Reports (Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District)

Download: 12-11-12 BDL – Dev Fee Annual Report FY Ending June 2012 12-11-12 ATT – Dev Fee Impact Report FY 2011-12 AG RPTS 2012 1205 CC SA REG Report to CC – FY 2012-13 DIF Annual Report November 2013 FY 2012-13 Impact Fee Report Annual Mitigation Report_2013 2013 Exhibits_Rev 1.0 FAS_Admin Report_2013 Mitigation Report Agenda…

Survey Results: Grand Funding Budget Amendment or Not? (Port of San Diego)

Download: Grand Funding Budget Amendment or not?

Survey Results: Cash in Lieu of Medical Benefits (City of Reedley)

Download: Cash in Lieu of Medical Benefits