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Survey Archive: Fees

Irrigation Costs Survey

Question: We are trying to assess how other agencies factor in irrigation costs when billing commercial customers for sewer whose irrigation is not directly connected to a meter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Survey Results  

Audit fees (City of Santa Monica)

Trying to get an indication of how much your audit fees are. Please include: Agency Population General fund budget Full service or contract Auditor Term of contract Fees Audit Fee Survey

Credit Card transaction fees (City of Merced)

The City of Merced is considering applying a transaction fee on credit card use for non-utility  customers. We would appreciate your response to the following: Do you charge a transaction fee? If so on what type of transactions? What is the rate? Who is your credit card processor? Credit card transaction fee survey results

Water Conservation Fines

We are looking at methods to collect fines that are issued to water customers who are not complying with the City’s water conservation regulations. We would like to simply add the fine to the customer’s water account, but at this point we are not if we can legally do so. I have our City Attorney’s…

Survey Results: Purchasing Thresholds

Download: Purchasing Threshold Survey

Survey Results: Former RDA Loan Repayment Staff Report, Resolution and Calculator

Download: Item 3 REPAYMENT SCHEDULE Item 3 AR Loan Agreement Item 3 Loan Agreement Resolution Item 3 Loan Agreement OB Report (Complete) – Amended & Restated Cooperation Agreement Per AB 1484 Advance repmt_Staff report Norwalk – OB staff report re re-establishment of 1985 OA3 Loan Norwalk – OB reso re re-establishment of 1985 OA3 Loan…

Survey Results: Encumbrances and Appropriation Carry-Overs

Download: FD – Res #6473 – Budget FY 2014-2015 (item K) Appropriation and Encumbrance Survey Results 6-13-14

Survey Results: Per Diem Rate

Download: Per Diem Rate

Survey Results: Cost for Banking Services / RFP Required?

Download: FINAL SMC Bank Fee comparisons 2013-14 Banking RFP Survey 052014

Survey Results: Trash Franchise Fees

Download: Trash Franchise Fees2