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Survey Archive: Investments/Cash Management

Survey Results: Purchasing Thresholds

Download: Purchasing Threshold Survey

Survey Results: Opt-Out Incentive/Cash In Lieu

Download: Opt-out Incentive

Survey Results: Former RDA Loan Repayment Staff Report, Resolution and Calculator

Download: Item 3 REPAYMENT SCHEDULE Item 3 AR Loan Agreement Item 3 Loan Agreement Resolution Item 3 Loan Agreement OB Report (Complete) – Amended & Restated Cooperation Agreement Per AB 1484 Advance repmt_Staff report Norwalk – OB staff report re re-establishment of 1985 OA3 Loan Norwalk – OB reso re re-establishment of 1985 OA3 Loan…

Survey Results: City Loan Approval

Download: City Loan Approvals

Survey Results: Acceptance of Credit Cards

Download: Visa and MC Convenience Fee Rules July, 2008 AmexConvenienceFeePolicy2008FINAL BBK Credit Card Acceptance write-up

Survey Results: Investment and Debt Management Software

Download: Investment and Debt Software

Survey Results: Stipend Payments to Council Members

Download: UI Notices Exempt EE

Survey Results: SB90 State Mandated Cost Reimbursement Survey (Town of Moraga)

Download: SB90 State Mandated Costs Results

Survey Results: Grant Approval Policies (City of Simi Valley)

Download: CSMFO Grant Survey

Survey Results: Collections Policy (City of Santee)

Download: Collections Flow Chart – Revised 081312 Excerpt Dunning process Revenue Collections Policy Write-off and Budget Adoption Agenda 2013-06-04 Write-off of Uncollected Accounts Receivable Agenda Item 5 Accounts Receivable Write-Off Policy -DRAFT Policy for Write-Off of Uncollected Accounts Receivable Collection Procedure revised FINAL