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Survey Archive: Miscellaneous

Survey Results: Utility Billing Due Dates, Delinquency Dates & Service Shut Off Timelines

Download: Utility Billing & Collections Survey

Survey Results: Customer Satisfaction

Download: Customer Survey

Survey Results: Electronic Billboard Usage Policies

Download: Council Agenda 05132014 Report-2014-00294 Digital Billboards

Survey Results: Taking Warrants to Council For Approval

Download: Simi Valley Check Register Process SR Warrant Register 08 2013 v4 watsonville Agenda Item Warrant Staff Report July 2014 Red Bluff Payroll Warrant Ordinance fountain Valley fv ord Authorize City Manager to Process Payroll final version Fountain Valley Response to question Dublin City Payments Policy

Survey Results: Capital Asset Replacement Policy and Procedures

Download: RESOLUTION NO. 1996-24A ESTABLISHING THE CITY OF NEWMAN CAPITAL REPAIR R… 10-5budgetfiscal 107purchasing 109UseofVehiclesandRelatedEquipment Summary of responses from members

Survey Results: Mobile Credit Card Reader

Download: Mobile Card Reader Responses

Survey Results: Financial Advisor

Download: FA Survey 8-14-14-2 City of Huntington Beach – Financial Advisor RFP-9202012 City of Morgan Hill RFP for Financial Advisor City of Poway RFP 15-004 Financial Advisory Services City of Rohnert Park RFP_Financial Advisor City of San Luis Obispo – RFP for Financial Advisor 1997 City of Santa Maria – Financial Advisor RFP 11-10-7 City…

Survey Results: Contracting IT

Download: Information Technology Contractor Survey 8-13-14

Survey Results: Software Conversion Process and Timeline

Download: CSMFO Survey Responses – ERP Conversion Process and Timeline Calendar

Survey Results: Participating Agencies – Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

Download: Council Agenda Report – Purchasing Guidelines 6B 4-15-03 Survey Responses Council Agenda Report JOC-ABP 6A 4-15-03