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Survey Archive: Miscellaneous

Custodial bank (City of Santa Monica and City of Hemet)

What custodial bank(s) do you use? Contact information (name, phone and/or email address) Please share comments on services provided. (i.e., poor, fair, adequate, exceptional) 3rd Party Custodial Bank

Pension Obligation Bond Analysis (Helix Water District)

Have you retained a financial consultant within the last three years to help develop a white paper on the pros and cons of pension obligation bonds (POB) for your Council or Board? We have a board member and a few customers that are very interested in issuing pension obligation bonds to reduce our retirement liability….

AB 113 – Potential losses due to reimbursement agreements

I received a list from the League of CA Cities that consisted of “self-reported” cities that have reimbursement agreements that would be lost if AB 113 passes. I combined the League’s listing with the listing I compiled from CSMFO group list responses. Attached is the combined list and the list that I received from the…

Online Payment Processor Indemnification (City of Bellflower)

Authorize.net Indemnification Clause

Survey Results: Social Security

Download: Social Security ListServ responses

Survey Results: Fraud Hot Line

Download: Fraud Hot Line – CSMFO List Serve

Survey Results: Two Year Budget Transition Recommendations

Download: 2 Year Budget Staff Report OneYrVsTwoYearBudgetcycle Multi-Year Budgeting

Survey Results: Utility Deposits

Download: UB Survey results CSMFO Final

Survey Results: Building Permit Rate Study

Download: Rate Study Survey South Lake Tahoe – Fee Study RFP User Fee Study RFP 2013 (2) City of Salinas Comprehensive Fee Study and Full Cost Allocation Plan RFP 2013-Final – Revised Timetable Fee Study RFP 090613 List of Consultants for Fee Study and Cost Allocation Plan RFP – Evaluation Matrix (Fee Study and Cost…

Survey Results: Utility Billing Due Dates, Delinquency Dates & Service Shut Off Timelines

Download: Utility Billing & Collections Survey