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Survey Archive: Miscellaneous

Collection Agencies

What collection agency do you currently use for business licensing and/or other collection accounts? Download: Collection Agencies Survey, City of San Leandro Accounting Manger Salary Survey, City of La Palma

Custodial bank (City of Santa Monica and City of Hemet)

What custodial bank(s) do you use? Contact information (name, phone and/or email address) Please share comments on services provided. (i.e., poor, fair, adequate, exceptional) 3rd Party Custodial Bank

Pension Obligation Bond Analysis (Helix Water District)

Have you retained a financial consultant within the last three years to help develop a white paper on the pros and cons of pension obligation bonds (POB) for your Council or Board? We have a board member and a few customers that are very interested in issuing pension obligation bonds to reduce our retirement liability….

AB 113 – Potential losses due to reimbursement agreements

I received a list from the League of CA Cities that consisted of “self-reported” cities that have reimbursement agreements that would be lost if AB 113 passes. I combined the League’s listing with the listing I compiled from CSMFO group list responses. Attached is the combined list and the list that I received from the…

Online Payment Processor Indemnification (City of Bellflower)

Authorize.net Indemnification Clause

Survey Results: Social Security

Download: Social Security ListServ responses

Survey Results: Fraud Hot Line

Download: Fraud Hot Line – CSMFO List Serve

Survey Results: Two Year Budget Transition Recommendations

Download: 2 Year Budget Staff Report OneYrVsTwoYearBudgetcycle Multi-Year Budgeting

Survey Results: Utility Deposits

Download: UB Survey results CSMFO Final

Survey Results: Building Permit Rate Study

Download: Rate Study Survey South Lake Tahoe – Fee Study RFP User Fee Study RFP 2013 (2) City of Salinas Comprehensive Fee Study and Full Cost Allocation Plan RFP 2013-Final – Revised Timetable Fee Study RFP 090613 List of Consultants for Fee Study and Cost Allocation Plan RFP – Evaluation Matrix (Fee Study and Cost…