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Survey Archive: Miscellaneous

Survey Results: Social Security

Download: Social Security Tax Limit

Survey Results: L & LMD

Download: L&LM Survey (John Herrera)

Survey Results: Payroll Timesheet Entry – Automated Solutions

Download: CSMFO Responses

Survey Results: Budget Revision

Download: budget process 10 Budget Revision Survey Results

Survey Results: Interest Earnings Question – Govt. Code 53647

Download: SR Investment Policy 2014 Invest Policy Jun 2014 Treasurer’s Report Interest Allocation Survey 7-17-14

Survey Results: Budget Summary

Download: City of Blythe9orhigher Orange County Transportation9orhigher City of Half Moon Bay9orhigher City of Lynwood City of Oceanside City of Pasadena9orhigher City of Rancho Palos Verdes-9orhigher City of San Leandro9orhigher FY 2014-15 Budget-in-Brief Final FY201415_Proposed_Budget_in_Brief9orhigher Inland Empire Utility Agency9orhigher

Survey Results: Purchasing Thresholds

Download: Purchasing Threshold Survey

Survey Results: Opt-Out Incentive/Cash In Lieu

Download: Opt-out Incentive

Survey Results: Accepting Phone Credit Card Payments

Download: Phone Acceptance-Credit Card

Survey Results: Employee share of employer cost (PERS)

Download: PERS Survey