28 04, 2017

Allocation of PERS UAAL Cost

April 28th, 2017|

Question: I am curious how other agencies are handling the PERS Unfunded Accrued Actuarial Liability cost in their departmental charges?  When it became effective with the Safety plans a few years back, since it was just our General Fund Police and Fire departments, we calculated and charged UAAL as a percentage of pay and did [...]

16 02, 2017

Employee’s Share of PERS Costs and Cost Sharing

February 16th, 2017|

Question: Currently, Tahoe City Public Utility District employees pick up 100% of the employee’s share of PERS costs (8% Classic) AND employees participate in cost-sharing not to exceed 50% of normal cost. TCPUD is interested in what other agencies have negotiated the same with their employees. Have any of you done the following: Do your employees [...]

12 06, 2015

PERS Prepayments

June 12th, 2015|

As part of our budget adoption process we are considering prepaying our current year PERS contributions and/or paying off a portion of our side fund liabilities.  I have been asked to inquire of this group whether any of your agencies have done either of these options with PERS and/or are considering doing this for the [...]

11 07, 2014

Survey Results: Employee share of employer cost (PERS)

July 11th, 2014|

Download: PERS Survey

7 03, 2014

Survey Results: CalPERS and Salary Ranges

March 7th, 2014|

Download: CalPERS Salary Schedule Results Requirement for a Publicly Available Pay Schedule

18 04, 2013

Survey Results: Prepaid PERS

April 18th, 2013|

Download: Prepaid PERS

24 09, 2009

Survey Results on PERS

September 24th, 2009|

2 09, 2009

Pentamation Users-PERS-able Uniform Costs Survey

September 2nd, 2009|

2 09, 2009

Uniform Clean Setup 2

September 2nd, 2009|

2 09, 2009

Uniform Clean Setup 1

September 2nd, 2009|