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Survey Archive: Purchasing

Results of Purchasing Limits – City Manager Survey (City of Brentwood)

City Manager Purchasing Limit Survey Results

Performance Metrics for Purchasing/Procurement

We are currently performing a review of a city’s purchasing division and its processes. We have 5 questions that will take less than 10 minutes to answer. If you choose to participate, we will provide you with the comparison data gathered during this process at the conclusion of our review. We will also keep you…

Survey Results: Written Quotations Minimum Requirement Amount

Download: Purchasing Policy CSMFO Survey Results

Survey Results: Purchasing Thresholds

Download: Purchasing Threshold Survey

Survey Results: SB90 State Mandated Cost Reimbursement Survey (Town of Moraga)

Download: SB90 State Mandated Costs Results

Survey Results: Purchase Limits for Budgeted Items (Soquel Creek Water District)

Download: Survey Puchase Limits on Budgeted Items

Sales Tax Question Summary (Valerie Warner, City of Eureka)

  The Question was: Is fluoride purchased from a local vendor and used for water treatment subject to sales tax? Thanks to Michael Williams of Palmdale Water District, we have a quick answer. 275.0440 indicates that this purchase is not subject to sales tax. (see attached document)

Purchasing Preferences Survey (Barry Whitley, City of American Canyon)

Surplus Equipment Survey (Suha Kilic, Pebble Beach Community Services District)