Despite experiencing one of the worst fiscal crises since the Great Depression, CSMFO had a good year. As you will see from this Annual Report, we accomplished many worthwhile objectives. Of course, none of that would have been possible without the ongoing commitment of our volunteers and vendors. After you read this report, I believe you’ll come to the same conclusion as I; namely, CSMFO is well prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the new decade.

The Annual Report is easy to follow. It begins with this message, then lists our goals, followed by reports from the Executive Officers, then statistics and results, concluding with a summary of activities from the Chapters, Committees and League Policy Committees.

The Annual Report lists the major goals and objectives for 2009, as well as 2010. The three primary goals set in Fall 2008 for the 2009 report year were: 1) training and professional development, 2) support for chapter engagement and delivery, 3) outreach and marketing of CSMFO. Each of these goals drove much of what you’ll see in the balance of this report. In fact, the continuity between the strategic planning goals set for 2009 and 2010 is remarkable. This should make for an extremely productive 2010.

The Executive Officers each assumed responsibility for stewarding progress on the goals. As President, I focused on outreach and marketing of CSMFO. We have launched major initiatives to explore a stronger partnership with CMTA and the League. In the comings years, these efforts will bare fruit as our membership experience improves and our legislative advocacy is sharpened. As President-elect, Ronnie Campbell worked with the Career Development Committee to advance our training and professional development. A comprehensive survey of our members training needs and interest was performed. This will help guide our future programming endeavors. Lastly, as Past President, Viki Copeland focused on the Chapters. The Chapters regularly share best practices and programming ideas. Chapter Chairs are now part of our strategic planning process and participate at the Board meetings. We also made appointments to fill vacant Chapter Chairs.

The Annual Report includes statistical and financial results. Eight out of the last ten years, our membership has grown. In 2009, CSMFO saw growth in four of six categories. The increased student presence in our organization attests to the significant outreach by our volunteers to universities. With the help of our volunteers, we will continue to perform outreach to the academic community, government agencies, the private sector and others. There is no sugar coating it however, financially 2009 was a tough year for our organization. Revenues dropped nearly $130 thousand, and Net Assets tumbled $145 thousand as compared to the prior year. Nonetheless, we have taken strong action to shore up our revenues, control our expenses and rebuild our Net Assets. We are still financially very healthy.

The Annual Report concludes with updates on the activities in the Chapters, Committees and League Policy Committees. You’ll see a strong theme running through most of these updates: Budget, Budget, Budget! Despite the bad economy, our members participated in some awesome events, shared many good ideas and gained new tools for improving financial operations and succeeding within a volatile financial climate. Many thanks go out to the Chapter Chairs, Committee Members, administrative staff and all who participated in the events last year.

I would like to conclude this message by again recognizing our volunteers. CSMFO is the fine organization it is because of the generous support and unwavering dedication of these folks. The valuable contributions of our members and the excellence in our profession have helped CSMFO prosper. It has been a privilege and honor serving as your President over the past year and I thank you all for entrusting me with this tremendous opportunity.