As we complete our 59th year as a professional association, and I end my run as the 58th President of CSMFO, I’m left with a feeling of absolute privilege. The honor in being president of CSMFO is knowing the tremendous support you have in leading it. Not many have the opportunity to be embarking on their 60th Anniversary like CSMFO, and that success is based on the dedication of all members to promote excellence in financial management.
The 2016 Annual Report provides all stakeholders with the accomplishments of CSMFO over the past year. These accomplishments would not be possible without the significant dedication and commitment of our volunteers, together with our professional management staff and team of consultants. Our focus has always been professional development and continuing education. We have been successful organizationally through a combination of our standing committees, whose many accomplishments and ongoing work are highlighted in this report; through our network of many chapters throughout the state that have promoted networking and opportunities to share information to our members at the local level; through the membership listserv that connects all of us in the state with each other as a collective resource of knowledge; and through our annual conference and trainings that provide an opportunity for improving our knowledge base and a venue for exchanging experiences with our fellow finance professionals.


Download: 2016 Annual Report