This year has been a pleasure and a privilege for me to have represented CSMFO as President. I have known for some time what a remarkable organization I have been proud to be a member from getting involved volunteering back at the Burbank conference, then as a budget reviewer, to a Committee Vice Chair, and so it goes. Every year, CSMFO Presidents reflect back on the past year and the achievements of our group. It takes so many in a variety of capacities to help us deliver what I feel are our core areas – professional development through training and networking opportunities and growth through enhanced efforts in getting inactive chapters renewed and invigorated and looking ahead to the future of our profession with student engagement. As you navigate through this annual report, you will get a chance to read about specific achievements and events from our committee leadership, chapter chairs and vice-chairs, league liaisons, and the other members of the executive committee (President Elect and Past President).

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