State Controller – (potential topic – California’s Cash Concerns) – booked for South Bay/Cental LA Chapter – August 19, 2010

We also had the State Treasurer as speaker in August 2009.

Check the speakers’ bureau at the Milken Institute – go to their website – range of speakers on various topics

The following was suggested by Joya DeFoor, City Treasurer, Los Angeles

Topic: Keeping Good Employees Good and Making Good Accounting Better – Bryan Gruber from Lance, Soll & Lunghar

Topic: The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Investing – David Wilhohn from Cutwater Asset Management

Topic: Critical Tax Developments Affecting Cities – Bill Morgan of Diehl, Evans LLP

Topic: Something about Investments – speaker from Chandler Asset Management – contact Mia Corral

Neil Kupchin also offered to speak (no fee)

How would I propose presenters for the chapter or joint chapter meetings? I was thinking about Ms. Maria Contreras-Sweet, Founder/Chairwoman of the Board of Promerica Bank and her colleague John Quinn President/CEO. The subject would generally be community banking. I know in Los Angeles we have found the smaller community banks to be more nimble and responsive. Full disclosure: LA does have a relationship with this bank. You know how picky I am; they are wonderful to work with. I think that the membership could benefit from knowing about the public policy and economic benefits of community banking.