Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Accounting Emphasis from Biola University; Biblical Studies Minor
State of California Certified Public Accountant – License #107059

Professional Experience:

I was hired out of Biola University by Conrad and Associates who became Mayer Hoffman McCann. After specializing in government and non-profit clients for over a decade and rising to Senior Manager, I stepped into the government world as the Finance Director for Yorba Linda Water District in 2010. I had a wonderful team and am proud of our many accomplishments in 3 1/2 years there (including the District’s first financial reserves policy, multi-year rate increase, Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from GFOA, and a revamping of the investment policy which was certified by CMTA’s Investment Policy Certification Program). When my time came to an end, I worked for a short time with Urban Futures, Inc. helping the City of San Bernardino get through an audit that was more than a year behind. In late 2013 I took on an Interim Administrative Services Director role for the City of Stanton, which led to the full-time position in early 2014. This month I am celebrating 4 years with a wonderful group of people. During my time here, Stanton reversed 7 years of a structurally imbalanced budget, obtained voter approval for a one-cent sales tax, established its first Reserve Policy, established and funded a Section 115 Trust for pensions, and won the 2016 CMRTA Lighthouse Award of Excellence for replacing a contractor that oversaw the collection of business license fees with a City employee, resulting in cost savings, improved interaction with the business community and a net increase in revenue.

CSMFO Involvement:

While I attended CSMFO meetings occasionally while at Mayer Hoffman McCann, it wasn’t until I was working for a government that I got more involved. From the time that I started at Yorba Linda Water District, I have been involved with CSMFO as a:
CAFR reviewer – 2010 – current
Budget reviewer – 2010 – 2011
Vice-Chair of Professional Standards and Recognition Committee – 2012 – 2013
Member of Career Development Committee – 2013
Orange County Chapter Chair/Vice-Chair – 2013 – Current
Vice-Chair of Administration Committee – 2014 – Current
Member of Nominating Committee – 2014
Member of Communications Task Force Ad Hoc Committee – 2015-2016
Member of Host Committee (headed up the Scholarship Program) – 2016
Attendee of Strategic Planning Session – 2011, 2013, 2015-2017

Other Professional Affiliations:

I have been a member of GFOA since 2010. I have been a member of California Municipal Treasurers Association and am currently conducting joint meetings with CMTA Division IX and Orange County Chapter of CSMFO.

Candidate Statement:

First I would like to say that CSMFO is as successful as it is because of dozens of volunteer members who do a fabulous job. Two other super-volunteers are on the ballot with me for South Board Member, and leadership at CSMFO will see no dip regardless of who you select to be your next South Board Member.

I love CSMFO – I think the organization is incredible and headed in the right direction. Our focus has always been on integrity, professional development and public service. Those core values are not going to change, but our approach on how to provide them to our members will.

As a Board Member, my goal will be to provide ever-increasingly valuable professional development, through a variety of delivery methods to promote growth for our members in their profession as they help lead the governments that they work for. If elected to the CSMFO Board, I will encourage the historical ideals we have always had as our organization looks to become even more relevant and valuable to our members in the future.