CSMFO is California’s premier statewide association for finance professionals. This includes employees and elected or appointed officials who are involved in government finance for cities, special districts and counties in California. Membership also includes commercial finance professionals, such as brokers, bankers, auditors, and specialized financial consultants. The benefits of networking with government finance professionals and commercial associates from cities, special districts and counties across the State of California are numerous.

Over a thousand members strong, we promote excellence in financial management through innovation, continuing education and the professional development of our members. CSMFO members are deeply involved in the key issues facing cities, special districts and counties today. We value honesty and integrity, and strive to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Member Benefits:

  • Regular regional meetings (geographical areas are referred to as Chapters)
  • An annual statewide seminar
  • Free webinars and low-cost in-person training
  • A directory of all members
  • A special members’ only website and listserve
  • Coaching program
  • CSMFO Magazine, the digital periodical designed especially for public finance personnel

Types of CSMFO membership:

  • Municipal ($110): Open to all public employees and elected or appointed officials presently having responsibility for, oversight of, or engaged in, the function of government finance in any city, special district or county in the State of California.
  • Commercial Associate ($220): Open to persons or corporations not currently employed by a government agency whose livelihood is derived principally from commercial or professional activities directly related to government finance.
  • Other Government ($50): Open to government employees in the financial field who do not presently qualify for Municipal or Commercial membership but who are interested in the principles and practices of government finance. This may include finance professionals from state agencies, school districts, universities and representatives from other finance professional organizations such as GFOA.

Other Classifications:

  • Retired: Open to former municipal members who have retired from public service.
  • Student / Professor (Free): Open to persons presently enrolled in or teaching finance, accounting or public administration studies.
  • Honorary: Past presidents who are retired may be granted honorary status.
  • Complimentary: Open to those persons as determined by the board of directors.
  • Temporary: A six month temporary membership may be extended to any municipal member due to the loss of employment at a public agency at the discretion of the board of directors.

CSMFO provides the opportunity for government finance professionals from cities, special districts and counties to become municipal members and become actively involved within the organization at all levels. If you are not currently a CSFMO member, please take this opportunity to join this premier statewide professional association by filling out the application provided below.