30 11, 2017

Non-Pensionable Benefit

2017-11-30T14:33:59+00:00November 30th, 2017|

Question: We're in negotiations and are looking for ways to offer employees items that might benefit them but not increase compensation and thus our pension costs. I'm hoping our members have some creative items.   Download: Survey Results on Non-Pensionable Benefit, 11-10-2017

21 08, 2017

Health Savings Account

2017-10-02T16:53:07+00:00August 21st, 2017|

Question: Does your agency currently have a Health Savings Account (HSA) in place? If yes, what vendor do you currently use and/or recommend? Download: Survey Results on Health Savings Account, 08-21-2017 Previous San Joaquin Survey

21 06, 2017

Live Scan and Credit Checks for New Hires and Existing Employees

2017-06-21T10:25:11+00:00June 21st, 2017|

Question: Does your agency perform any type of credit check or live scan on new employees to the finance, treasury or accounting operations? Does your agency follow-up and do them on existing employees and how often? Download: Survey Results on Live Scan and Credit Checks for New Hires and Existing Employees, 06-20-2017

19 06, 2017

Establishing Trust for OPEB

2017-06-19T14:57:06+00:00June 19th, 2017|

Question: The City of National City will be establishing a trust to prefund its obligations for Other Post-Employment Benefits other than pension (“OPEB”). If you have established an OPEB trust, would you please respond to the following questions? Do you have a single-employer trust or participating in a multi-employer trust? Did you issue a Request [...]

28 04, 2017

Allocation of PERS UAAL Cost

2017-04-28T10:52:35+00:00April 28th, 2017|

Question: I am curious how other agencies are handling the PERS Unfunded Accrued Actuarial Liability cost in their departmental charges?  When it became effective with the Safety plans a few years back, since it was just our General Fund Police and Fire departments, we calculated and charged UAAL as a percentage of pay and did [...]

4 04, 2017

City Attorney: Independent Contractor or Employee

2017-04-04T10:39:31+00:00April 4th, 2017|

Question: The City of Palm Springs is in the process of hiring a new City Attorney.  Quick survey:  Do you report them as an Independent Contractor or as an Employee? Download: Survey Results on City Attorney: Independent Contractor or Employee, 3-28-2017

9 03, 2017

Paperless for AP Processing

2017-03-09T10:35:45+00:00March 9th, 2017|

Question: We are seeking information from entities who have gone paperless for AP processing. Please take a moment to answer three brief questions. Did you submit an RFP for paperless services? If so, can you provide a copy, please? What software are you using for paperless processing? What Financial software and version are you using? [...]

16 02, 2017

Employee’s Share of PERS Costs and Cost Sharing

2017-02-16T12:46:17+00:00February 16th, 2017|

Question: Currently, Tahoe City Public Utility District employees pick up 100% of the employee’s share of PERS costs (8% Classic) AND employees participate in cost-sharing not to exceed 50% of normal cost. TCPUD is interested in what other agencies have negotiated the same with their employees. Have any of you done the following: Do your employees [...]

25 01, 2017

Time Sheets for Exempt Employees

2017-01-25T14:09:13+00:00January 25th, 2017|

Question: How does your agency track time for exempt employees? Do they record actual hours worked on time sheets (even though they only get paid for 8 hours), or just indicate days worked, or something else? Download: Survey Results on Time Sheets for Exempt Employees, 01-25-2017

22 11, 2016

Tracking “Out of Office” Employees

2016-11-22T14:42:24+00:00November 22nd, 2016|

Question: How do you track employees that are “OUT of OFFICE” because of vacation, illness or just meetings out of the office. Our tracking system is totally deficient, though we have only 74 employees. Looking for something simple. Have tried modifying “outlook” and using our time keeping system and both had gaping holes. Download: Survey [...]