Question: Santa Barbara County is currently in the process of a County-wide 5-year strategic rebalancing and resiliency initiative, looking at all of our services, processes, technology, facilities and overall budget. I am specifically on the Re-Balance Resources team that is looking at potential revenue enhancement initiatives and opportunities for the County.

If there are any revenue enhancement projects that your Municipality, City, or County has worked on and successfully implemented, I would greatly appreciate any information you could provide on the process and timelines/challenges. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Download: Revenue Measure Study Report from the City of Salinas, 03-20-2012


City of Salinas:

  1. UUT Modernization ($1.5 per year)
  2. Extended 10 year ½ cent sales tax to unending ($11 million per year)
  3. Passed new 1 cent sales tax measure for 15 years ($22 million per year)
  4. In planning stage of implementing a parcel tax for storm water compliance ($1.2 million per year)
  5. First responder fee (~$330 for each EMS response (Fire department)) $400k per year
  6. Business License audit/discovery ($100k-150k per year)
  7. Cannabis Business License – Allow 5 Cultivation, 5 Manufactures, 5 Dispensary, and 5 Delivery businesses in the City) $3 million per year

City of Reedley:
We do our best to incorporate and regularly implement, CPI adjustments to as many areas of our fee structures as possible. We review the entire citywide Master Fee Schedule on an annual basis. Many departments don’t realize how long it has been since a certain fee or group of fees has been revised, so we started putting the resolution date next to every fee in the schedule when it was last revised. We started this practice 5 years ago, so fees without a resolution number next to them stick out pretty clearly.

City of Madera:
The City of Madera recently passed Measure K, which is a half-cent sales tax. We sold it as a tax that will be used for Public Safety, but we did not make it a special tax because a special tax would have required more than a majority vote. However, the measure passed with flying colors. Madera County followed with a one-cent tax measure for Public Safety, but they got shot down.

City of Chico:
Currently researching the ramifications of a “soda tax” presently

City of Fountain Valley:
We did a successful Sales Tax Measure here in Fountain Valley last November

City – unknown:
Implemented an ROI fee in our water and sewer fund, updated out cost allocation study to account for General fund services to other funds, captured all operational labor costs related to capital projects and charged those out to the projects, implemented a vacancy factor, and implement a fire protection assessment to help cover costs for fire.