About the Program

The CSMFO Coaching Program offers benefits for all CSMFO members. With convenient webinars, easy to access web materials, and one-to-one coaching (upon request), you can get the information and support you need. The CSMFO Coaching Program is a special service of CSMFO and the Career Development Committee. It operates with the generous contributions of time and insights from CSMFO members who volunteer their time as coaches.

Equipping You for the New Fiscal Realities

1. Complete the Financial Management Skills Inventory – Take a few minutes to assess where you are in your career development and areas in which you’d like to develop your skills further. Access the Resource Matrix for Finance Professionals to find the information and support you need.

2. Join the informative webinars with panels of master coaches. See the CSMFO calendar for dates and times. (Check for podcasts and audio recordings of these sessions.)

3. One-to-One Coaching – Team up with a volunteer coach for support in your career. Members can benefit from coaching at any stage of their careers. Read the “ABCs of One-to-One Coaching” and “Being a Great Coach and a Winning Player“.

4. Use Personal Productivity Tools – Access tools top executives use to enhance their management performance and personal satisfaction.

5. Organize a Coaching Program Networking Event at Your Chapter – Provide opportunities for up-and-comers to expand their networks and learn more about career development resources. Download the Coaching Event Format for Chapters, and you’ll have a program ready to go. Invite volunteer CSMFO coaches in your area to help you deliver the Chapter event.

We Welcome Your Feedback
Please contact Laura Nomura, Career Development Committee Chair, (951-928-6154, nomural@emwd.org) with questions about program specifics. Kindly share comments and suggestions with Laura Nomura. We continuously improve the program and welcome your thoughts.