CSMFO offers a number of topical webinars and hot topic calls led by panels of peers and experts and moderated by Don Maruska & Company. Follow the links below to learn more about upcoming opportunities and past recordings.

  • Covid Cashflow Woorksheet Example – Excel
    From April’s Webinar on Analyzing Revenues and Cash Flow
  • Sample interactive Excel spreadsheet model from GFOA for evaluating risks and reserves – Excel
    In the August 1, 2019, webinar, “Reserves: How Much Is Enough?”, Dan Matusiewicz, Finance Director and Treasurer, Newport Beach, and Shayne Kavanagh, Senior Manager, Research, GFOA, described a project to quantify and evaluate risks to the City’s general fund and appropriate reserves. This Excel spreadsheet shows the model. This information is for illustration purposes only. Each agency needs to identify and evaluate its own risks. To find a digital recording of the webinar and the presentation materials, click on the “Agendas & Archives” link on this page.
  • Sample Cost Projections with Discount Rate Changes for Distribution from CaLPERS – Excel
    “This tool allows a user to estimate for their plan(s) the financial impact of the discount rate changes that are scheduled to occur. Please be aware that a previous version of the tool was made available to CSMFO members that had some minor differences. The previous version should no longer be used. The main difference between the updated version of the tool and the previous version is that a cell used to project the normal cost for a Miscellaneous plan had contained a hard-coded number rather than a formula. In addition, there were couple of minor text changes that have no impact on the calculations. Please consult your plan’s actuary if you have any questions.”
    – Randy Dziubek, Senior Pension Actuary, CalPERS

The following documents and links are from the COVID-19 and Getting Reimbursements from FEMA webinar in June 2020: